AC Repair In Folsom, CA and Surrounding Areas

AC Repair In Folsom, CA and Surrounding AreasDuring those 95 degree summer days in California, it’s important that you have a functioning air conditioning unit. A worn-out A/C unit is the last thing you should have to deal with in the hot July sun. We offer professional AC repair in AC Repair In Folsom, CA and Surrounding Areas.

If your A/C unit is in need of repairs, then you need to reach out to our team of HVAC professionals at Scotty’s Heating and Air. We’ll get your air conditioning system up and running again in no time.

Who We Are

Based out of Placerville, CA, Scotty’s Heating and Air has been satisfying customers in need of HVAC servicing since 2005. Our key values include:

  • Quickness. When your A/C unit goes out in the middle of summer, you need help as soon as possible. Our HVAC professionals will provide quick responses, and fix your problems promptly and efficiently. When it comes to speed of service, we are number #1 in the area!
  • Quality. The technicians at Scotty’s Heating and Air have years of experience in the industry, and will always deliver high quality service, every time, all the time. In fact, we tend to be perfectionists when it comes to our work.
  • Affordability. Without a doubt, A/C repairs can be costly.  However, we offer affordable pricing and competitive rates so that you can be comfortable in your home again without breaking the bank.

A/C Repairs for Folsom, CA

If your A/C unit needs work done, reach out to our friendly team of experts at Scotty’s Heating and Air. We serve many areas east of Sacramento, including:

  • Folsom
  • Placerville
  • Cameron Park
  • Shingle Springs
  • Pollock Pines
  • Camino

Our team is standing by to assist you in any way. Contact us today by phone at 530 (644)-2206. Or, reach out to us on our website to request a quote.